ePayItOnline.com - Pay Your Medical Bills Online

Speaking of the medical cares, there will be two things popped up in your mind, first is the medical bill, second is the time-consuming procedure of paying it. If you have ever suffered from the inconvenient process of paying medical bills offline then you should try ePayItOnline.com, developed by Data Media Associates, a fast, secured and convenient online medical bill paying system.

How to login & pay:

You can pay your medical bills twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week via this website. Credit card, debit card or e-check are available.

  • You should have your statement, CodeID and Access Number at hand.
  • Visit www.epayitonline.com and enter your CodeID and Access Number which are included in your statements. Then press “Submit” button.
  • Your account number, your name, your guarantor’s name and some other information will be shown at the new page.
  • Leave your valid email address if you would like to receive the receipt.
  • Click Pay Now button after imputing, then you will go to the payment center.
  • You can fill in your detailed information in the payment center and your credit card details, then press Continue. You may confirm your payment now.

How to get your statement online:

The health center which provided the medical services to you will transfer your electronic statement files to Data Media Associates. After DMA printed them and get everything ready for you, they will send an email to inform you that you can check your statement online at that time, at the same time, DMA will send all statement files to you via email. Moreover, don’t worry about the security, the website and your email statement are in high security, fell free to check and pay.

ePayItOnline benefits:

  • Easy for every patient to use
  • Easy steps for setting up and activate account.
  • No fees for application
  • No fees for converting files
  • Low credit card processing rates
  • Major credit cards, debit cards ACH checks and e checks are available.

About ePayItOnline:

ePayItOnline is developed by Data Media Associates, a national leading single source provider dedicated in healthcare communications, printing and mailing outsourcing and electronic insurance claims, supported Moneris Solutions, it is an innovative design for making medical bill payments. With the help of it, you can pay medical bills at anywhere and anytime. Contact DMA at 800-533-1640.